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bpmsGENC appeals Prime Minister to review and reverse decision to Corporatize Ordnance Factory Board (Last Update: 09/07/2021)
bpmsDetails of the meeting held with Secretary(DP) through Video Conference. (Last Update: 06/07/2021)
bpmsDefence employees to observe 08 July 2021 as BLACK DAY. (Last Update: 02/07/2021)
bpmsJAC proposes for a broader meeting with other federations and association for indefinite strike in Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 23/06/2021)
bpmsIndefinite strike in Ordnance Factories w.e.f 19/7/2021 , Strike notice on 1/7/2021 (Last Update: 20/06/2021)
bpmsJoint Action Committee calls for Indefinite Strike in Ordnance Factories against Central Government's Arbitrary decision of corporaitization. (Last Update: 17/06/2021)
bpmsBPMS demands Issue of Identity Cards at par with CGHS Beneficiaries to CS(MA) Beneficiaries. (Last Update: 23/05/2021)
bpmsJAC demands before Defence Secretary to resolve pending issues of the Defence Civilian Employees. (Last Update: 10/05/2021)
bpmsThree federations jointly demands OFB to take immediate preventive measures to save the lives of employees. (Last Update: 10/05/2021)
bpmsBPMS demands relaxation in CDS (IEs) Leave Rules, 1954/ CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 (Last Update: 03/05/2021)
bpmsJAC seeks action report from Central Labour Commissioner(Central). (Last Update: 10/04/2021)
bpmsBPMS responds to request for extending support and solidarity for the action programme on 15th & 16th March. (Last Update: 13/03/2021)
bpmsObservance of " DEMAND DAY" on 19th March 2021 for guarantee of Minimum Pension & Dearness Allowance etc under National Pension Scheme (Last Update: 13/03/2021)
bpmsBPMS Demands For Employee Freindly Clarifications on Special Cash Package Equivalent In Lieu Of Leave Travel Concession Fare For Central Government Employees (Last Update: 13/03/2021)
bpmsJoint Action Committee issues Protest letter to the Defence Minister and the other Ministers in the EGOM against the violation (Last Update: 09/03/2021)
bpmsObservance of Pledge Taking Day against corporatizations of OFB on 2/3/2021. (Last Update: 24/02/2021)
bpmsObservance of DEMAND DAY for Guaranteed minimum Pension under NPS. (Last Update: 23/02/2021)
bpmsAgenda points for National Council JCM meeting. (Last Update: 08/02/2021)
bpmsDemand for Review of Instructions on inclusion of HRA & Transport Allowance for the purpose of calculating Overtime Allowance under the Factories Act, 1948 (Last Update: 06/02/2021)
bpmsDemand for Filling up of vacant Civilian posts Indian Air Force. (Last Update: 06/02/2021)
bpmsBMS express disappointment over Union Budget. (Last Update: 01/02/2021)
bpmsGovernment Employees National Confedeartion( GENC) express disappointment on Union Budget. (Last Update: 01/02/2021)
bpmsJAC directs to observe Call Attention Day by Central Government Employees on the day of presentation of Central Budget 2021 on 1/2/2021. (Last Update: 25/01/2021)
bpmsDemand Day call by GENC (Last Update: 23/01/2021)
bpmsOffice Bearers Meeting on 24th and 25th March 2021 in Ordnance Factory Estate Trichi. (Last Update: 08/01/2021)
bpmsBPMS demands to withdraw Clarification regarding non-Admissibility of Transport Allowance. (Last Update: 05/12/2020)
bpmsJAC's befitting reply to MOD on OFB Strike - JAC Cir No-67 (Last Update: 07/10/2020)
bpmsPress release by JAC - Cir No- 66 (Last Update: 06/10/2020)
bpmsJAC responds against Unfair Labour Practice Being Adopted By Tthe SR.GMS/GMS Of All Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 05/10/2020)
bpmsJAC rejects unfair manner of action by MoD - JAC Cir No- 64 (Last Update: 03/10/2020)
bpmsGENC resolution against corporatization of Government installations (Last Update: 02/10/2020)
bpmsJAC Requests president of India for CBI Probe (Last Update: 01/10/2020)
bpmsIntimation regarding Hunger Strike on 2nd Oct (Last Update: 30/09/2020)
bpmsMoD issues instruction to hold meetings JAC Cir No- 62 (Last Update: 28/09/2020)
bpmsJAC discussion with MoD on One day Token strike in 19.10/2020 in defence establishments.JAC Cir No-61 (Last Update: 25/09/2020)
bpmsJAC calls for protest day in Ordnance factories on 29/9/2020. JAC Cir No-60 (Last Update: 23/09/2020)
bpmsJAC responds to EGoM terms of reference. JAC Cir No-59 (Last Update: 22/09/2020)
bpmsProtest against the minutes issued by Dy.CLC on 15/9/2020 JAC Cir No-58 (Last Update: 18/09/2020)
bpmsJAC discussion with Dy.CLC on 15/9/2020 JAC Cir No-57 (Last Update: 16/09/2020)
bpmsJAC opposes MOD's Decision to engage consultancy for corporatization of Ordnance factories. JAC Cir No-56 (Last Update: 11/09/2020)
bpmsJAC represents to the Defence Minister against the terms of refernce given to EGoM. JAC Cir No- 55 (Last Update: 10/09/2020)
bpmsTriennial Conference of BMS on 02-04th Oct 2020 through VC (Last Update: 10/09/2020)
bpmsCentral Executive Committee Meeting of BPMS through VC (Last Update: 10/09/2020)
bpmsJAC responds to CLC(Central),. JAC Cir No- 54 (Last Update: 08/09/2020)
bpmsDecesions taken in the JAC meting on 5/9/2020. JAC Cir No-53 (Last Update: 06/09/2020)
bpmsProgrammes to be observed during Sept.2020. JAC Cir No-52 (Last Update: 04/09/2020)
bpmsDemands for the one day strike by unions of MES, DRDO,DGQA,EME,NAVY,AOC & IAF- JAC Cir No- 50 (Last Update: 02/09/2020)
bpmsAgitation Notice by the unions of MES,DRO,DGQA,DGAQA,EME,NAVY,DRDO,AOC& IAF.JAC Cir No-51 (Last Update: 02/09/2020)
bpmsDecisions taken in the joint meeting of federation- JAC Cir No- 49 (Last Update: 30/08/2020)
bpmsDetails of meeting held with Addl.Secy(DP) on 28/8/2020.JAC Cir No- 48 (Last Update: 29/08/2020)

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  • JAC calls for agitation against EDSO-2021

  • Observance of " DEMAND DAY" for guarantee of Minimum Pension & Dearness Allowance etc under NPS.

  • GENC objects abolishing posts in MES and Arbitrary changes in Labour laws by state governments.

  • JAC requests to keep in abeyance the proposal for Rationalization of Manpower in DGQA

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