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bpmsOne day Hunger Strike on 14.10.2019 at Atal Samadhi (Sadaiv Atal), Delhi. (Last Update: 05/09/2019)
bpmsThree Federations Joint Circular No 19 ( Compilations of four letters including to PM) (Last Update: 03/09/2019)
bpmsMInutes of JCM III meeting held on 11/Jul/2019 in DRDO (Last Update: 31/08/2019)
bpmsMACP Orders for DRTC in DRDO (Last Update: 31/08/2019)
bpmsCEC meeting at O.F. Badmal ,details for Office bearers and CEC members, Departmental heads. (Last Update: 31/08/2019)
bpmsPress release after Office bearers meeting at Federation HQs on 31/8/19 (Last Update: 31/08/2019)
bpmsJAC defers/Postpones the ongoing strike in Ordnance Factories,after discussions with Secretary(DP) (Last Update: 24/08/2019)
bpmsJoint circular after meeting of federations with Secretary(DP) on 23/9/19 (Last Update: 23/08/2019)
bpmsMeeting of JAC with Secretary(DP) on 23/8/19 (Last Update: 22/08/2019)
bpmsPress release by JAC on first Successful day of strike. (Last Update: 21/08/2019)
bpmsBPMS Urges Defence Minister Rajnath Singhji to Intervene on OFB strike (Last Update: 17/08/2019)
bpmsJAC issues press note agianst misleading comments by MoD (Last Update: 17/08/2019)
bpmsMeeting with Addl Secy (DP) on 14/8/19 (Last Update: 14/08/2019)
bpmsViews expressed by JAC in meeting with Addl. Secy(DP) on 14/8/19 (Last Update: 14/08/2019)
bpmsWorking Instructions, to be followed during strike period, Cir No-9 by JAC (Last Update: 12/08/2019)
bpmsJoint circular after meeting of federations with Chairman/OFB on 6/8/19 (Last Update: 06/08/2019)
bpmsJoint letter of Appeal to IOFSA to support the strike in OFs (Last Update: 06/08/2019)
bpmsCircular to observe No Corporatization Day (Last Update: 03/08/2019)
bpmsResolution and consolidated circular for Indefinite Strike (Last Update: 30/07/2019)
bpmsFormat of stike notice to be served by affiliated unions (Last Update: 27/07/2019)
bpmsCentral BMS protest letter to Defence Minister against any proposal to corporatize Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 27/07/2019)
bpmsJoint letter to Secretary(DP) regarding indefinite strike. (Last Update: 26/07/2019)
bpmsJoint letter to Defence Minister regarding Indefinite Strike (Last Update: 26/07/2019)
bpmsDefence Federations decision of Indefinite Strike From 20 August 2019 in Ordnance factories against proposed corporatization (Last Update: 25/07/2019)
bpmsIndefinite Strike in Ordnance factories against proposed corporatization (Last Update: 20/07/2019)
bpmsDraft for local unions to be send in the letter head (Last Update: 20/07/2019)
bpmsGeneral Secretary's msg to local unions regarding proposed corporatization of Of's (Last Update: 19/07/2019)
bpmsProtest letter to Defence Minister against any proposal to corporatize Ordnance Factories (Last Update: 14/07/2019)
bpmsJoint agitation( one day hunger strike) by three recognised federations in front of parliament on 20/8/19 (Last Update: 14/07/2019)
bpmsCircular of Office Bearers Meeting on 19th and 20th Sep 2019 at O.F Nalanda. (Last Update: 13/07/2019)
bpmsTarnishing the image of OFB: BPMS Protest letter (Last Update: 17/05/2019)
bpmsAgenda Points for meeting with Joint Secretary (Navy)/Medical (Last Update: 11/04/2019)
bpmsRequest to Political Parties to include issues of Government Employees in Election Manifesto (Last Update: 13/03/2019)
bpmsList of Office Bearers & CEC Members 2019-21 (Last Update: 18/01/2019)
bpmsBMS supports our demand of restoring "good" benchmark for promotion (Last Update: 01/12/2018)
bpmsFormat of application for Re-Fixation of Pay of Industrial Employee in Ord Fys: Grant of Entry Pay on promotion (Last Update: 20/10/2018)
bpmsRisk & Hardship Allowance to Fire Fighting Staff (Last Update: 01/06/2018)
bpmsResolutions adopted in the Central Executive Committee meeting of BPMS (Last Update: 02/04/2018)
bpmsOne day Agitational Programme on 24.04.2018 on Minimum Guaranteed Pension under National Pension System (NPS) (Last Update: 02/04/2018)
bpmsMinutes of the meeting held with MOD & Struggle Committee on 09.03.2018 (Last Update: 15/03/2018)
bpmsBPMS correspondence to enhance OFB Budget (Last Update: 10/02/2018)
bpmsCircular for Joint Agitation Programme from 08 to 12 January 2018 (Last Update: 04/01/2018)
bpmsFrequently Asked Questions on CCS (CCA) Rules (Last Update: 19/12/2017)
bpmsmeeting held with Hon'ble RM Smt Nirmala Sitharaman on 09.11.2017 (Last Update: 09/11/2017)
bpmsCircular for Ram Leela Maidan Delhi Rally on 17.11.2017 (Last Update: 25/10/2017)
bpmsPress Release regarding Meeting with Hon'ble Defence Minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman on 04.10.2017 (Last Update: 06/10/2017)
bpmsCorrespondence for Payment of “Washing Expenditure” to Industrial Employees with revised rate (Last Update: 01/10/2017)
bpmsResolution adopted by CEC BPMS in Medak (Last Update: 25/09/2017)
bpmsMOD orders for PLB 2016-17 in Air Force, Navy, AOC (Last Update: 13/09/2017)
bpmsMOD instructionson framing of transfer policy in favour of female employees (Last Update: 13/09/2017)

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  • Best wishes on Vishwakarma Jayanti( 17th September), National Labour Day.

  • One day Hunger Strike on 14.10.2019 at Atal Samadhi (Sadaiv Atal), Delhi for various burning issues/ pending demands of Government employees..

  • JAC defers/Postpones the ongoing strike in Ordnance Factories from 6:00am 26/8/19,after discussions with Secretary(DP)

  • Central BMS Writes to Defence Minister, demands to reject any proposal to Corporatize Ordnance Factories.

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