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bpmsJAC writes to Defence Minister- Circular No-31 (Last Update: 11/07/2020)
bpmsSeeking clarification regarding Absence During lock down period. (Last Update: 04/07/2020)
bpmsExtension of support to Nationwide protest Day on 3rd July 2020 (Last Update: 01/07/2020)
bpmsEntry Pay benefit on upgradation under ACP Scheme. (Last Update: 25/06/2020)
bpmsJAC appeals to Prime Minister National to withdraw Corportization of OFB- Circular 28 (Last Update: 22/06/2020)
bpmsRelaxation in allotment rules of Quarters-Extension of retention period of Qtrs in view of Novel Cororna Virus/Covid-19). (Last Update: 14/06/2020)
bpmsPayment of Gratiuity to employees of RTS&D (Last Update: 14/06/2020)
bpmsDemand for Cadre restructuring of artisan in Coast Guard Organisation (Last Update: 11/06/2020)
bpmsDemand for dress allowance as 7CPC (Last Update: 11/06/2020)
bpmsIntimation of Strike ballot to Secy(DP) by JAC- Cir 26 (Last Update: 10/06/2020)
bpmsNationwide Agitation on 10.06.2020 to save Industries- “Save Public Sector, Save India”. (Last Update: 05/06/2020)
bpmsHOLC meeting on corporatization of Ordnance Factories (Last Update: 03/06/2020)
bpmsStrike ballot in Ordnance Factories against Corporatization- Press release. (Last Update: 02/06/2020)
bpmsJAC Circular No-22, Agitation against Corporatization of OFB. (Last Update: 29/05/2020)
bpmsGENC objects Arbitrary Decision to Corporatize Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 20/05/2020)
bpmsJAC appeals for Signature Campaign against Corporatization of OFB- Circular No-18 (Last Update: 18/05/2020)
bpmsJAC lodges protest before Secy(DP) against Arbitrary Decision to Corporatize OFB. (Last Update: 18/05/2020)
bpmsJAC demand to Withdraw the Arbitrary Decision of Corporatization of OFB. (Last Update: 17/05/2020)
bpmsAgitational Programme to protest Government's anti-workers policies. (Last Update: 16/05/2020)
bpmsPress release against Government's announcement to Corporatize OFB. (Last Update: 16/05/2020)
bpmsGENC raises objection regarding abolition of posts in MES (Last Update: 08/05/2020)
bpmsGENC objects Changes/Suspension of Labour Laws by several States. (Last Update: 08/05/2020)
bpmsBPMS suggest to generate long term fund through CGEGIS (Last Update: 21/04/2020)
bpmsBPMS suggests National JCM ,It's Not the appropriate time to place any demands before government (Last Update: 19/04/2020)
bpmsContribution to PM Cares Fund (Last Update: 17/04/2020)
bpmsCancellation of next CEC meeting to be held at OFIL,Ambernath (Last Update: 15/04/2020)
bpmsBPMS demands for Sunday working in Ordnance Factories (Last Update: 11/04/2020)
bpmsRationalization of Civilian Cadres in Indian Navy: Protest of. (Last Update: 10/04/2020)
bpmsJAC requests to keep in abeyance the proposal for Rationalization of Manpower in DGQA (Last Update: 01/04/2020)
bpmsConstitution of Committee on Indigenisation of Critical and Strategic Raw Material. (Last Update: 01/04/2020)
bpmsBPMS demands Special Insurance Scheme for Defence Civilian Employees on Essential Services. (Last Update: 31/03/2020)
bpmsBPMS appeals to Contribute in Prime Minister National Relief Fund (Last Update: 28/03/2020)
bpmsLetter to MoD to shut down defence establishments Temporarily in the wake of corona threat. (Last Update: 19/03/2020)
bpmsSpecial CEC Meeting on 17th -19th April 2020 in Hyderabad. (Last Update: 16/03/2020)
bpmsRegarding civilian Manpower-Post disbandment of Station workshops/Depots in DGEME/DGOS. (Last Update: 20/02/2020)
bpmsClarification by DOPT regarding relaxation of purchase of air tickets from authorized Travel Agents for the purpose of LTC. (Last Update: 20/02/2020)
bpmsCir-22. CEC meeting at O.F. Ambernath ,details for Office bearers and CEC members, Departmental heads (Last Update: 01/02/2020)
bpmsMemorandum to Prime Minister dtd 21|Dec|2019 against labour law reforms and economic Policies (Last Update: 20/12/2019)
bpmsAdvisiory to Karyakartas Circular 21 (Last Update: 20/12/2019)
bpmsBPMS Clarifies its stand on strike called by CTU's on 8/Jan/2020. (Last Update: 10/12/2019)
bpmsAgitational Programme from 16 Dec 2019 to 21 Dec 2019 to oppose Anti-Labour Policies in proposed codification of Labour Laws and redressal of long pending demands of Central Govt employees (Last Update: 05/12/2019)
bpmsGovernment clarifies to BPMS that No proposal to change present age of retirement (Last Update: 26/11/2019)
bpmsBPMS wrties to PM for Extension of benefit of reservation of Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) in engagement of Trade Apprentice. (Last Update: 31/10/2019)
bpmsBPMS Demands To Frame Inter Departmental Transfer Policy. (Last Update: 24/10/2019)
bpmsOFB Dispenses conditions of applying Govt Accommodation and furnishing of ‘No Accommodation Certificate’ for admissibility of House Rent Allowance (Last Update: 24/10/2019)
bpmsDetails of meeting of three federations and MoD regarding ratio restructuring & Membership Verification. (Last Update: 21/10/2019)
bpmsCleaniness drive and safety measures in Ordnance Factories (Last Update: 16/10/2019)
bpmsProtest call by Three federations against delay of PLB in Ordnance Factories (Last Update: 15/10/2019)
bpmsFormat of protest to be served by affiliated unions in OFs against delay in PLB (Last Update: 15/10/2019)
bpmsMemorandum to Prime Minister dtd 14|Oct|2019 (Last Update: 14/10/2019)

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  • BMS calls for Nationwide Agitation on 10.06.2020 to save Industries- “Save Public Sector, Save India”.

  • Strike ballot in Ordnance Factories against corporatization.

  • BPMS condemns the Government's decision of Corporatization of OFB.

  • GENC objects abolishing posts in MES and Arbitrary changes in Labour laws by state governments.

  • JAC requests to keep in abeyance the proposal for Rationalization of Manpower in DGQA

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