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bpmsBpms lodges complaint before CVC against the Master General of Sustenance/Proc(GS&C) (Last Update: 01/02/2023)
bpmsBPMS demands Extension of Night Duty Allowance to erstwhile Group-D employees working under RTS& D under DGRVS/Army HQ (Last Update: 24/01/2023)
bpmsInclusion of central government employees selected against the vacancies issued / notified and advertised prior to 01/01/2004 under cCS (pension) Rules1972-Regarding (Last Update: 16/12/2022)
bpmsAgenda Points for Pre-Budget meeting between Finance Minister and BMS (Last Update: 23/11/2022)
bpmsDemand to protect Defence PSU's- Letter to Defence Minister. (Last Update: 19/11/2022)
bpmsCopy of Memorandum( to be submitted by all local unions ) on Post Corporatization problems, hardships and difficulties being faced by the Defence Civilian Employees of 41 Ordnance Factories who are on deemed deputation. (Last Update: 01/11/2022)
bpmsPROTEST WEEK IN 41 ORDNANCE FACTORIES FROM 31.10.2022 TO 04.11.2022 (Last Update: 21/10/2022)
bpmsDemand for Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to the employees Ordnance Factories02021-22 (Last Update: 26/09/2022)
bpmsList of BPMS Members elected in 19th triennial conference of the federation held on 27 & 28 April 2022 at Armapur estate kanpur (Last Update: 25/08/2022)
bpmsDemand for Inclusion of HRA, Transport Allowance, SFA for the purpose of calculating Overtime Allowance under the Factories Act, 1948. (Last Update: 26/07/2022)
bpms100 days agitation against Corporaitization/Privaitization. (Last Update: 14/06/2022)
bpmsMemorandum to PM: Scrap NPS restore OPS (Last Update: 06/05/2022)
bpmsGENC raises voice against Gross mismanagement of the MoD's SPARSH system for Pensioners. (Last Update: 05/05/2022)
bpms19th Triennial Conference of BPMS at Armapur Degree College Kanpur (Last Update: 10/03/2022)
bpmsUnited Forum Of Ordnance Employees demand to safe guard service conditions of Ordnance Employees (Last Update: 08/03/2022)
bpmsOFB Hospitals and Dispensaries Should Not Be Handed Over To Other Agencies - JAC raise objections. (Last Update: 17/01/2022)
bpmsBPMS demands stoppage of biometric attendance amid audden Covid spurt. (Last Update: 02/01/2022)
bpmsJAC response regarding Cadre review of Industrial Employees in Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 17/11/2021)
bpmsUp Gradation Of Pay Scales Of Medical Assistant. (Last Update: 25/10/2021)
bpmsImplementation of the recommendations of 7CPC on Dress allowance. (Last Update: 25/10/2021)
bpmsJAC writes to Secretary(DP) toinstruct the managments of 7 corporations to deisit from illegal and whimsical actions. (Last Update: 24/10/2021)
bpmsClarification sought on quantum of maternity leave. (Last Update: 23/10/2021)
bpmsPromotion to the post of MCM in DGEME (Last Update: 23/10/2021)
bpmsDiscontinuation of HPCA/Patient Care Allowance. (Last Update: 23/10/2021)
bpmsDemand for extension of HRA judicial pronouncemnt in favour of similiarly placed non placed petitioners. (Last Update: 23/10/2021)
bpmsDemand for Night Duty Allowance on actual pay of 7CPC without ceiling. (Last Update: 23/10/2021)
bpmsObservance of Agitation Programme on 28.10.2021 as “Save Public Sector, Save India. (Last Update: 21/10/2021)
bpmsEMPLOYEES OF ORDNANCE FACTORIES TO OBSERVE "BLACK DAY" ON 01/10/2021 (Last Update: 29/09/2021)
bpmsGENC demands Productivity Linked Bonus(PLB) equivalent to Minimum wages, i.e. Rs 18,000/- (Last Update: 25/09/2021)
bpmsDemand for Payment of Night Duty Allowance on actual pay of 07th CPC, without any ceiling. (Last Update: 07/09/2021)
bpmsReferendum on Corporatization of 41 Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 07/09/2021)
bpmsNotional extension of Judicial pronouncement in favour of similarly placed non-petitioners -Inclusion of HRA,TA & SFA in OT calculation. (Last Update: 06/09/2021)
bpmsStatus of the Points discussed in Additional Meeting(AHQ) held on 09th Dec 2020. (Last Update: 03/09/2021)
bpmsRequest to expedite the points raised in the 24th Steering committee meeting of JCM III (NHQ)on 27/11/2020. (Last Update: 03/09/2021)
bpmsObservance of agitation programme on 9th Sep 2021 against Price Rise & Inflation. (Last Update: 31/08/2021)
bpmsRecognition of Off Campus courses/Withdrawal of Court cases regarding promotion of Chargeman through LDCE. (Last Update: 21/08/2021)
bpmsFilling up the vacant posts of Chargeman(DR) through promotional or LDCE regarding (Last Update: 12/08/2021)
bpmsGENC appeals Prime Minister to review and reverse decision to Corporatize Ordnance Factory Board (Last Update: 09/07/2021)
bpmsDetails of the meeting held with Secretary(DP) through Video Conference. (Last Update: 06/07/2021)
bpmsDefence employees to observe 08 July 2021 as BLACK DAY. (Last Update: 02/07/2021)
bpmsJAC proposes for a broader meeting with other federations and association for indefinite strike in Ordnance Factories. (Last Update: 23/06/2021)
bpmsIndefinite strike in Ordnance Factories w.e.f 19/7/2021 , Strike notice on 1/7/2021 (Last Update: 20/06/2021)
bpmsJoint Action Committee calls for Indefinite Strike in Ordnance Factories against Central Government's Arbitrary decision of corporaitization. (Last Update: 17/06/2021)
bpmsBPMS demands Issue of Identity Cards at par with CGHS Beneficiaries to CS(MA) Beneficiaries. (Last Update: 23/05/2021)
bpmsJAC demands before Defence Secretary to resolve pending issues of the Defence Civilian Employees. (Last Update: 10/05/2021)
bpmsThree federations jointly demands OFB to take immediate preventive measures to save the lives of employees. (Last Update: 10/05/2021)
bpmsBPMS demands relaxation in CDS (IEs) Leave Rules, 1954/ CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 (Last Update: 03/05/2021)
bpmsJAC seeks action report from Central Labour Commissioner(Central). (Last Update: 10/04/2021)
bpmsBPMS responds to request for extending support and solidarity for the action programme on 15th & 16th March. (Last Update: 13/03/2021)
bpmsObservance of " DEMAND DAY" on 19th March 2021 for guarantee of Minimum Pension & Dearness Allowance etc under National Pension Scheme (Last Update: 13/03/2021)

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  • BPMS lodges Complaint against Master General of Sustenance/Proc(GS&C)

  • BPMS Calls For 100 Days Agitation Against Corporaitization/Privatization

  • BPMS protest against the cabinet decesion to empower PSE to divest subsidaries , units and JVs.

  • OFB Hospitals and Dispensaries Should Not Be Handed Over To Other Agencies -JAC objects.

  • BPMS moves the Delhi HC against Essential Defence Service Act 2021.

  • GENC objects abolishing posts in MES and Arbitrary changes in Labour laws by state governments.

  • JAC requests to keep in abeyance the proposal for Rationalization of Manpower in DGQA

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