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arrowBPMS Correspondence on Revitalisation of Army Base Workshop (Last Update: 26/06/2017)
arrowGazette Notification of Amendment in CCS (CCA) Rules (Hindi) (Last Update: 22/06/2017)
arrowGazette Notification of Amendment in CCS (CCA) Rules (English) (Last Update: 22/06/2017)
arrowOFB instructions on MACP - Movement from Semi-Skilled to Skilled Grade (Last Update: 22/06/2017)
arrowOrders for extension of Medical Facilities under CS(MA) Rules to IEs from the date of Appointment (Last Update: 22/06/2017)
arrowFamily Pension to Married Disabled Children (Last Update: 22/06/2017)
arrowcorrespondence for framing of transfer policy in Min of Defence (Last Update: 31/05/2017)
arrowBPMS Correspondence regarding Non Core Production in Ord Fys & Ord Equipment Factories (Last Update: 08/05/2017)
arrowCircular for 18th Triennial Conference of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (Last Update: 06/05/2017)
arrowBPMS Correspondence Regarding minimum guaranteed pension for NPS Subscribers (Last Update: 05/05/2017)
arrowBPMS letter for Agitation in MES on 17.05.2017 regarding regular DPC (Last Update: 02/05/2017)
arrowStatus of Revision of Overtime Allowance as per 7th CPC under the Factories Act (Last Update: 02/05/2017)
arrowBPMS resolved the matter of medical advance in favour of Cancer patients (Last Update: 29/03/2017)
arrowPrior intimation to MOD for one day sit-in on 08.02.2017 (Last Update: 18/01/2017)
arrowBPMS correspondence regarding revision of overtime Allowance (Last Update: 05/01/2017)
arrowCash payment of Salary in Storm Affected Area (Last Update: 27/12/2016)
arrowMoD action on BPMS's representation on Seeking of Clarification regarding Option & Pay Fixation in 7th CPC (Last Update: 14/12/2016)
arrowcorrespondence for Grant of Advance for Cancer treatment in Non-Empanelled Private Hospitals / Private Nursing Home under CGHS / CS (MA) Rules (Last Update: 26/11/2016)
arrowAgitational Programme to be held from 05.12.2016 to 09.12.2016. (Last Update: 26/11/2016)
arrowPoints raised before Minister of Labour & Employment, Govt of India (Last Update: 24/11/2016)

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