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arrowBMS supports our demand of restoring "good" benchmark for promotion (Last Update: 01/12/2018)
arrowFormat of application for Re-Fixation of Pay of Industrial Employee in Ord Fys: Grant of Entry Pay on promotion (Last Update: 20/10/2018)
arrowRisk & Hardship Allowance to Fire Fighting Staff (Last Update: 01/06/2018)
arrowResolutions adopted in the Central Executive Committee meeting of BPMS (Last Update: 02/04/2018)
arrowOne day Agitational Programme on 24.04.2018 on Minimum Guaranteed Pension under National Pension System (NPS) (Last Update: 02/04/2018)
arrowMinutes of the meeting held with MOD & Struggle Committee on 09.03.2018 (Last Update: 15/03/2018)
arrowBPMS correspondence to enhance OFB Budget (Last Update: 10/02/2018)
arrowCircular for Joint Agitation Programme from 08 to 12 January 2018 (Last Update: 04/01/2018)
arrowFrequently Asked Questions on CCS (CCA) Rules (Last Update: 19/12/2017)
arrowmeeting held with Hon'ble RM Smt Nirmala Sitharaman on 09.11.2017 (Last Update: 09/11/2017)
arrowCircular for Ram Leela Maidan Delhi Rally on 17.11.2017 (Last Update: 25/10/2017)
arrowPress Release regarding Meeting with Hon'ble Defence Minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman on 04.10.2017 (Last Update: 06/10/2017)
arrowCorrespondence for Payment of “Washing Expenditure” to Industrial Employees with revised rate (Last Update: 01/10/2017)
arrowResolution adopted by CEC BPMS in Medak (Last Update: 25/09/2017)
arrowMOD orders for PLB 2016-17 in Air Force, Navy, AOC (Last Update: 13/09/2017)
arrowMOD instructionson framing of transfer policy in favour of female employees (Last Update: 13/09/2017)
arrowStoppage of Holiday Over-Time in Ordnance Factories – Protest of (Last Update: 19/08/2017)
arrowBPMS correspondence with OFB regarding piece work, incentive for examiners, transfer policy & common seniority (Last Update: 17/08/2017)
arrowMOD clarification on Night Duty Allowance regarding ceiling (Last Update: 12/07/2017)
arrowBPMS correspondence for Hospital Leave in case of injury on duty (Last Update: 10/07/2017)

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